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Hive Smart Radiator Valve

The only thing a Hive radiator valve can’t do is keep a room warmer than your main thermostat: a single radiator can’t heat Higher than your main thermostat. You can also achieve full room-by-room control by using Hive radiator valves on all your main radiators. Then you can set your main thermostat to the temperature you want your warmest room and manage the rest of your radiators accordingly. It’s a great way to get each room just how you want it. A Hive radiator valve can also tell your Hive Active heating to turn on automatically and get that special room to the temperature you want. This works best when you have multiple Hive radiator valves, each in different rooms, so you can control each individual room temperature. Just remember that when Hive Active heating is on, it sends heat to all your radiators. So, if most of your valves are manual, we wouldn’t recommend using this feature as you might end up heating more of your home than you intend to. Radiators can also be turned off via your Hive app, so if you realise you’ve left the heating on in a room you don’t need, you can easily turn it off without affecting the heating in the rest of your home. That’s not all, Hive radiator valves also work even if you don’t have Hive Active heating. So, no matter what system you have, you can manage your heating via the Hive app. Please note that this product requires the Hive Hub, Hive app and a compatible radiator valve.

Checkmark Manage your heating room by room from your smartphone and never waste money heating empty rooms
Checkmark Precise temperature setting
Checkmark Installation in an instant
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Our Hive radiator valves let you manage your heating room by room from your smartphone, meaning you never have to waste money again by heating an empty room. Simply turn down the radiator on your Hive app and save energy.


Checkmark Control individual radiators
Checkmark Works with or without a Hive Thermostat
Checkmark Set schedules from the Hive app
Checkmark Ultra-quiet motor with anti-stick protection

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Heating essentials

Changing your heating system can be difficult. Our heating essentials can provide you with peace of mind and add life to your new heating system. A power flush will remove all the build up in the rads, a magnetic filter will protect your boiler and we offer much more. Please ask your assessor for more details.

Now for the technical part

Technical specifications

Unit Dimensions
Width: 54.9mm Height: 93.9mm (inc RA adaptor) Depth: 54.9mm Weight: 134g (excluding batteries and adaptor)
Requires a compatible thermostatic radiator valve body
2x AA batteries (included)
What's in the box
Smart thermostatic radiator valve head 2 x AA batteries 2 x valve body adaptors (M30 and Danfoss RA) Welcome guide
System Requirements
nternet connection recommended: 1.5Mbps or higher iOS or Android device running an up-to-date operating system Requires current version of Hive Hub or Hub 360 plus the Hive app. Note: Hive Hub 1 does not support Hive Radiator Valves.
1 year hardware warranty as standard

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