Swyft & Kearys - Home Charging

Congratulations on your new EV. The future will be brighter with your commitment to driving green.

We are delighted to partner with Kearys Motors to provide new EV owners with a home charging service that has not been seen in Ireland before. Our background is home energy products and we have moved into home charging using all the experience we have gained.

Swyft home charging offers the following service -

  1. Instant estimate - Answer the questions based on your home and vehicle and get your instant estimate
  2. Options - Pick the charger, pick the cables. All the choices are yours.
  3. Fast install - We have one of the best turn around times for install.
  4. Grants - We apply for the grant on your behalf, so just sit back.
  5. Aftercare - We are not going anywhere, support when you need it.
  6. Workmanship - We have a guarantee on all work taken out.
  7. Finance - Pay your way, so space your payments to what suits you.

First step is to answer the questions. Please follow the button to get your instant estimate -

Apply now for Home charging points

Please visit our Video library to get more info on your home chargers, what charger you should get, e-car care and much more.

We hope you love your new purchase and please feel free to contact us anytime you need.

Kindest regards,

Team Swyft

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