Refer Friends Get Rewards

Give your friends €50 and get €50.

If you have purchased a boiler with Swyft Energy, then we will be emailing you a unique code that you can share with your friends and family so they can get €50 off their boiler installation and in return, you will receive €50.

It’s that simple!

All they have to do is to provide us with your code at the time of purchasing their boiler. Once that boiler has been installed, then they will receive €50 off the cost of their boiler installation from us at Swyft Energy and you will receive €50 back in the form of a Perx reward card.

Just keep an eye out for the email and forward the code to as many friends and family you like. When they make a purchase with Swyft Energy, you both get rewarded through our “Refer Friends. Get Rewards. Program.

How it works

Terms & Conditions - Refer Friends Get Rewards Scheme

The “Refer Friends Get Rewards Scheme” is a program where Swyft Energy will offer customers the chance to receive €50 back on their purchase with Swyft Energy by referring Swyft Energy to their friends and family.

1.       Definitions and Interpretation

In these Terms & Conditions the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings:

1.1.    “Refer Friends Get Rewards Scheme” means the scheme made available by Swyft Energy whereby the Referrer and the Referee are rewarded in the event that the Referee becomes a Swyft Energy customer;

1.2.    “Referrer” means a current Swyft Energy customer referring another person to purchase with Swyft Energy using the unique code that was sent to them from Swyft Energy;

1.3.    “Referee” means the potential customer that has been referred by a current customer of Swyft Energy and has shared their unique code with that person to use as part of their purchase with Swyft Energy; and 

1.4.    “Reward” means the €50 discount that is to be applied to the Referee at the point when the quote is generated, and the €50 cash back the Referrer will receive once the Referee has completed their transaction with Swyft Energy.

2.       Eligibility

2.1.    Each customer will be given a unique code that Swyft Energy will be able to identify with that customer. When a Referee makes a purchase with Swyft Energy using that unique code then both the Referrer and the Referee will receive the discount, subject to these terms and conditions. 

2.2.    To be eligible for and avail of the “Refer Friends Get Rewards Scheme”, the Referee must make a purchase with Swyft Energy.  

2.3.    The “Refer Friends Get Rewards Scheme” cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or promotions or discounts that may have been applied to the Referee’s quote at the time of purchase.

3.       General

3.1     The “Refer Friends Get Rewards Scheme” is open to current and new Swyft Energy customers.

3.2     There is only one reward for each Referee referred. Swyft Energy will notify the Referrer if the Referee has previously been referred and redeemed their reward.

 3.3     In the event that a Referee is referred by multiple customers, the Referrer shall be determined as being the existing customer whose referral code is first submitted by that Referee.

 3.4     There is no limit to the number of referrals made by each customer of Swyft Energy.

 3.5     The Referee must purchase any Swyft Energy boiler in order for both the Referee and Referrer to each receive their Reward.

3.6     Upon confirmation that the Referee has made a purchase and the installation is completed by Swyft Energy, the €50 Discount will be applied to their invoice and a €50 in the form of a Perx Reward card will be sent to the Referrer on the 25th of that month in which the boiler has been installed in the Referee’s home.

3.7     The “Refer Friends Get Rewards Scheme” is available to Republic of Ireland residents only.

3.8     In the event of any disputes regarding any Referee, the decision of Swyft Energy is final.

3.9     Swyft Energy reserves the right to modify or terminate the “Refer Friends Get Rewards Scheme” at any time at its sole discretion. Swyft Energy also reserves the right to modify, substitute or terminate any Rewards at its reasonable discretion.

3.10  These Terms shall be governed by the laws of Ireland and the courts of Ireland shall have jurisdiction to hear any dispute in relation to them.

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