How a SMART Home Will Save You Money

A Smart Home has several benefits – such as convenience, comfort and most importantly, saving money.

So how can you save money by having a Smart Home?

Home Heating & Water

According to the SEAI, the average Irish household devoted about 60% of their total energy spend to heating their home during 2018 and almost 20% to heating their water. Smart heating controls give you full control of your heating and used with combi boilers can separate your heating and water completely. This can save you money on bills as you do not have to heat your home and water at the same time. Smart thermostats such as HIVE, allows you to heat up different parts of your home at different times and turn off your heating completely when you’re away, all from your phone or tablet.

Advised by the SEAI, you should turn the thermostat down to 20®C in living areas. The temperature in hallways and bedrooms should be cooler, ideally around 15-18®C. By lowering your room temperature by one degree you can reduce your heating bill by 10%.

Smart heating controls allow you to set specific temperatures in specific areas of your home, saving you money going forward.

Changing your Light Bulbs

Investing in Smart bulbs will save you money by default. Smart bulbs use low-energy LED technology for durability and efficiency. This results in high cost effectiveness. Smart lighting can save you even more money by adding extra control. It allows you to schedule your lighting to come on only when you need and to make sure all your lights are off, from anywhere via mobile/tablet. It even allows you to have lights switch off automatically when you leave the house or even a specific room.

Switch Everything Off and Remember to Unplug

A big source of energy waste is devices being left on standby. The only way to stop appliances eating away at your electricity is to power them off completely. This is where Smart plugs come in use.

Smart plugs can be scheduled to turn on and off at certain times and can be used away from home via apps.

It is also important to remember to unplug devices such as phone chargers when they are not being used.

Reduce your Food Waste

Over one million tonnes of food waste is disposed each year in Ireland. It is important to shop accordingly in order to minimise waste by planning beforehand.

Your fridge is a vital factor in minimising food waste. First off, you should make sure the temperature is correct, ideally between 0.5®C, ideally 4®C. Secondly, you should know which shelf is suited best for each food. For more information visit:

Smart fridges are great tools to tackle food waste. Smart fridges contain inside cameras which can assist in shopping from your mobile device. It can send notifications if the door is left open and the temperature can be altered all from your smartphone.

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