Getting Your Home Storm Ready

With Storm Dennis on its way, it’s important to ensure your home is storm ready. Therefore, we have provided a quick checklist you can follow to have more piece of mind this weekend.

·        Firstly, make sure all your gutters and drains are unblocked and free of obstructions such as moss, leaves etc.

·        Make sure your external gullies in the ground for the waste pipes are clear from leaves.

·        Ensure the gutters on the road surrounding your house are not blocked up. If so, ring your local County Council or else take a brush to them.

·        Check your roof visually from a safe spot to ensure no tiles have moved and become loose. Make any repairs necessary.

·        To prevent water from entering your home, make sure to cover all your air vents. Taking this precaution can prevent serious damage from occurring.

·        Move pets to a safe location and let them sleep inside.

·        In the event of flooding, turn off electricity at the mains and unplug all electric devices. Also tape over sockets at low level. 

·        If your car is parked in an area that may flood, consider moving it.

·        Trim overhanging trees that may collapse.

·        Secure garages and sheds properly.

·        Reinforce glass in event of strong winds.

 We at Swyft Energy hope you stay safe this weekend!


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