Boiler Guide

Here is a guide for buying the right boiler for your home.

Regular Boilers

Suited to: Older systems and larger homes where there is a need for hot water from more than one source.

Regular boilers are best suited to homes that are already using a traditional heating and hot water system that is connected to a separate hot water cylinder. Regular boilers need a cold-water storage tank in the attic feeding the cylinder and an additional tank which ensures the water level in central heating system is maintained.

Regular boiler


Can use more than one hot water source at the same

Can be used in areas with low water pressure

Can be used in two or more bathrooms


X A hot water cylinder & storage tank are required

X You will need to wait for the water to heat up

X The system can run out of hot water

Combi Boilers

Suited to: Smaller properties and apartments without an attic a space and those converting attic spaces.

A combi or combination boiler is a high efficiency water heater as well as a central heating boiler in one, hence the name “combi”. Combi boilers heat water coming directly from the mains so when you use your taps you can have hot water. It also means you do not need a water cylinder or a cold water storage tank in the attic.

Combi boiler


No hot water cylinder or storage tank required

Less pipework throughout the property

Water is heated as it enters the system


X May not be suitable for use with power showers

X Water flow can be reduced as the water is heated

X Not suitable for larger homes

System Boilers

Suited to: Properties with more than one bathroom, properties without an attic and for those converting attic spaces.

System boilers use a hot water cylinder for storing water, however majority of the water heating components are built into the boiler and there is no need for a storage tank in the attic.

System boiler


Constant hot water to any number of taps

No storage tank required in the attic

Economical to run


X You will need to wait for the water to heat up

X Hot water can run out

X Cylinder is required

Research Pays!

Investing some time into researching your new boiler system is an investment in your home and one which could save you money in the long run.

It really does pay to know what type of boiler you need and the various considerations you need to make when replacing your boiler.

We're here to help!

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