9 Signs You Need A New Boiler

Think you might need to replace your boiler? Replacing your boiler can be unexpected cost. Thankfully it's not something you need to do every year. If you look after your boiler through regular servicing, you can extend it's life and see your boiler last for up to 12 years. However, not every boiler makes it that far, here are a list of signs that it might be time to get a new boiler:

1. Your boiler is over 10 years old

The average life expectancy of a gas boiler is somewhere in the region of 10 years. If your boiler is 10 years old or older and is starting to give trouble it can be more cost effective in the long run to replace the boiler now!

For example let's assume your gas boiler is over 10 years old, has broken down and it will cost €600 in materials and labour to bring the boiler back to life.

The materials will not be covered under the initial manufacturers warranty and there’s a reasonable chance something else could break in the boiler pretty soon which could cost another €600.

On top of frequent breakdowns, at 10 years old, your boiler is most likely not operating efficiently. A new boiler can save you up to 30% on your heating bills each year.

The bad news is, if the boiler is over 10 years old it will need to be replaced within the next 5 years.

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