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9 Signs you need a new boiler

Your boiler is over 10 years old

The average life expectancy of a gas boiler is somewhere in the region of 10 and 15 years. If your boiler is older than 10 years old and is starting to give trouble it can be more cost effective in the long run to replace the boiler now!!

For example let's assume your gas boiler is over 10 years old, has broken down and it will cost €600 in materials and labour to bring the boiler back to life.

The materials will not be covered under the initial manufacturers warranty and there’s a chance something else could break in the boiler down the line which could cost another €600.

If the boiler is over 10 years old it will need to be replaced with 5 years regardless.

Are you better off to upgrade your boiler and heating controls for €9.99 per week now which could pay for itself within 5 years?

We think so!!

You have no heating or hot water!!

If you find yourself without hot water or heating, something is definitely not right!!

Again, there are a number of reasons you may not have hot water or heating. If you see a pattern or no hot water or heating it may be time to consider an upgrade!!

Your gas boiler keeps shutting off

If your gas boiler is making a habit if switching off sporadically it may be trying to tell you something. There are a number of reasons this could happen such as pump issues, low pressure, faulty thermostats etc. The real sign is in how often this is happening!! If you find your registered gas installer is back in front of your boiler week in week out it’s probably time for an upgrade.

There are gurgling or banging noises coming from your boiler

If your system is making funny noises, it could have underlying issues from the installation of it may be something more serious. When you contact your registered gas installer and tell them the type of noise you are hearing they will have a very good idea of what the problem is. Gurgling noises can indicate kettling which means the system could be filed with sludge. Banging can indicate pump issues and so on.

The pilot light keeps going out on your boiler

There are a number of reasons your pilot light may go out. It is quiet easy for you to reignite the pilot light on your own, however, if the pilot is persistently going out it may indicate a more significant problem. Regardless, contact your local registered gas installer to investigate.

There is a leak coming from your boiler

If you see water leaking from your boiler or into your boiler this could spell trouble. There are multiple reasons for this but it needs to be investigated by a registered gas installer immediately. Depending on how long the leak was present and how much corrosive damage was done you may need a new boiler.

Your boiler is losing pressure

If your boiler is losing pressure it could be due to a leak in your system or air seeping through a valve. This is a common problem and can be fixed with something as simple as adding leak sealer to your system. If the loss of pressure is unrelated to the above than your boiler may have a serious issue. Again, your registered gas installer will be able to provide you with more information once they have assessed the boiler.


n areas of hard water, limescale deposits can build up in your boilers heat exchanger, restricting the free flow of water through your boiler system.

Boiler kettling is very damaging and can lead to your boiler needing a replacement. As well as shortening the lifespan of your boiler it will actually drive up your running costs!! A clear sign that your boiler is kettling would be rumbling or gurgling signs when operational.

Your radiators are not heating up

If your radiators are not heating up like they used to it may be time for either a power flush which removes sludge buildup from your heating system or a new boiler or possible both!! You could also try bleeding your radiators.

A quick way to test if you that you have a build up of sludge in your system is to feel the temperature of your radiators. If they are heating at the top and not the bottom it’s very likely that you have a build up of sludge. If you are doing a power flush its advisable to fit a magnetic filter also.

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